Paleo Diet Foods

Paleo Diet Foods


paleo diet foods list


Paleo Diet Foods List

The Paleo Diet Foods List shows you what types of foods you should eat and in what ratio of protein to carbs to healthy fats. Learning how to eat the right foods in the right combination is essential for your success on the Paleo diet. If you are not eating a diet that is high in protein and full of clean foods then you will never see the full results of eating Paleo. After all, this diet is hinged on you ‘eating like a caveman', meaning that you need to eat foods that come from the earth in their purest form.


For instance, instead of eating an egg sandwich in the morning, you will just eat the egg. Instead of adding milk to your coffee, you will drink it black, and instead of a steak and cheese sub you will just have the steak. When you are eating Paleo diet foods, you are eliminating things like processed foods, sugars, and most dairy products. These things are not in their natural form, and they will not be able to give you the nutrition that your body needs to stay strong and healthy.

But that doesn't mean that you will not be satisfied when you eat Paleo diet foods, in fact you will be quite satisfied. The Paleo diet calls for a lot of protein intake and this is a crucial reason that so many people have success when eating Paleo diet foods. Protein not only makes you feel full, but it also causes your body to break down your fat cells. In other words, when you have enough protein you will never feel hungry and your body will constantly be breaking down old fat cells. This is why grass fed lean meat is big on the Paleo diet foods list.


When an animal is grass fed, it means that they are able to eat the diet that nature intended for them to eat. So when you then eat the grass fed meat all of those essential nutrients are then passed to you. A good way to get your protein, and pre-workout energy is to use a Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO source of protein with enzymes to make it readily available and easy on your stomach. Try the new organic protein meal replacement.



Living Paleo Foods

Choosing Living Paleo Foods will make you the healthiest you have ever been. It's is all about the quality and quantity of foods you put into your body that gives you success or not. Organic fruits and vegetables are also essential Paleo diet foods. Not only are organic fruits and vegetables packed with nutrients and hydration, but they are also full of flavor. Most of us aren't taught to combine our fruits or vegetables. Instead we eat as little as we can on the side of whatever our main meal is. But when you are doing the Paleo diet, foods like these will become your new best friend.


For example, instead of having corn as a side dish with your plain hamburger, why not cut that hamburger into cubes and add it to a large salad filled with tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, avocado, cucumber and spinach? Not only will you be getting the protein and flavor of the meat, but you will also be consuming a massive amount of healthy nutrient-filled vegetables. Nuts and seeds are also essential Paleo diet foods. One of the hardest things about sticking to a diet is getting through the workday or taking long trips.


These are both times when you are away from home and away from your healthy foods. When this happens, you are more likely to eat something unhealthy and lose all of the progress you have made. But if you keep nuts and seeds with you at all times, these Paleo diet foods will be sure to keep you on your healthy eating path. Not only are they easy to pack, but they can also be stored at room temperature and they last a long time. Some people even keep a bag of mixed nuts in their car for those times when they get hungry while on the road.


If you are thinking of eating Paleo but you have no idea where to start, stick with these easy to find Paleo diet foods. And remember, you are eating in a way that is going to change your life, but you have to stick to it to really see results. Don't be ashamed to experiment with these Paleo diet foods until you come up with recipes that will work for you. Keep a box of Paleo Bars in your desk drawer or gym bag and never miss a beat (or unhealthy calorie again!)

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